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I am looking to send a strong message to major networks to stop them from taking creative’s ideas, while at the same time continue producing content for my show, but I can’t do it alone. I need your help!

We’ve all heard stories, seen documentaries and biopics and read biographies of this happening to artists, but never did I ever imagine it would happen to be me and my team. It is disruptive to creatives, it shatters our trust to share our genius and to be free to work hard knowing that we can accomplish something great.

The Suga Productions team is now in our second season producing the Mo Brown’s Bodega  show. We are proud of what we’ve produced and the successes we’ve seen. We have all worked so hard on creating it. We’ve been invited to screen at festivals – have even won some — and we’ve screened at other events. We’ve done media promoting the show and have been in talks with several networks which is why this is so painful. They had an opportunity to work with us; a recurring theme we’ve heard: “we want the idea, just not you”, and then one just took it.

This particular network announced during an award show the release of  Mo Beta Bodega. We were aghast at the name, the concept and the similarities because it was all lifted from Mo Brown’s Bodega. Our phones and social media began to blow up from others who saw it too. The experience was like having your toddler snatched away. We’ve birthed and have nurtured this idea, proven the concept and heck, it’s my name! Season 1 is 8 episodes that we’re very proud of and the show has a steadily increasing audience.

What they did hurt us, and it shook my confidence, but I refuse to allow them to jack us of our work.  I’m fighting, not just for myself, and my team, but for all the creatives who have been wronged in this way, but felt they couldn’t fight “Goliath” and for all the creatives to come behind us so that they (you) never have to experience this.

This is the creative economy and we should be able to create without fear of sharing because a major network might take it.

For those who have been supporting and sharing all along, THANK YOU! Please continue. For those who are new to Mo Brown’s Bodega, please share episodes and this campaign to raise awareness that it is the Original Series.

We are real content creators and creatives deserve to be treated better than this. Thank you all for your support getting the word out, sharing the show and your generous donations for the process.


DONATE. With your generous donations we can protect ourselves and continue to create content without disruption. Your donations will help us to:

  1. Produce Season 2 of Mo Brown’s Bodega without disruption.
  2. Bring awareness to the indie creative community that we don’t have to take it when we’re wronged in this way
  3. Contribute to legal expenses to protect this show which will set a precedence for other content creators.

Thank you sooooo much for your support — sharing and giving.


From coconuts on the beach to the New York City streets, fresh faced Entertainer Mo Brown takes us on a journey where funny meets fabulous as she navigates the world through the most absurd situations. Brown stars in the new comedy variety show ‘Mo Brown’s Bodega’, where she works at her family’s bodega dealing with the everyday happenings at the shop but really has dreams of being an Entertainer. Brown’s dreams cause her to retreat into her imagination just to get through the day with a combination of sketches, man on the street interviews, spoofs, satire, music videos, hosting segments and instant pet peeves.

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Creator & Executive Producer
Mo Brown

Produced By
Mo Brown, Xavier Francis, Patrice Waite

Directors of Photography
Patrice Waite, Bryan Mir, Jeremy Batchelor, LaVarro Jones

Associate Producer
Ashley Nyx, Daryl Shaw

Production Manager
Kia Perry

Marketing Producer
Daryl Shaw

Mo Brown, Tiffany Jordan, Cedric Banton, LaVarro Jones, Michael Marshall, Andre Hibbert, Nancey Flowers, Xavier Francis

Patrice Waite, Mo Brown, Anthony Brent

Production Team
Juan Caceres, Daryl Shaw, Ashley Nyx, LaVarro Jones, Veronica Gethers, Peter McMath, Ruth Sanderson, Ndehru Roberts, Clement James, David E.Nigma Edmond, Ivory Gordon, Andre Hibbert, Chelsea Hamlet, Darold Slaughter, Christine Edmond, Hyacinth Carbon, Nancey Flowers, Ronald Lazarre, Christine Edmond, Michael Marshall, Richardo Jonas, Stephanie Voong

Nickia Williams – Beauty By NWA

Peter McMath

Jade Ford

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Your name will appear on the “MBB Wall of Supporters” on the Mo Brown’s Bodega website. Specially made by our graphic designers for this campaign, we will make sure your contribution to the series will not be missed!


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Get to know the fabulous Mo Brown Suga in person for a lunch in Brooklyn! Maybe we’ll plan to film and publish this on our social channels…hmmm…